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    The conductor announces the numbers as they are drawn and the players try to find and strike out the numbers on their papers Parajumpers online or cards, with the markers. The player who gets all his numbers struck, first, wins the game and is supposed to say Parajumpers as soon as all his numbers get struck. The conductor then verifies the struck out numbers of that player and confirms the winner. Although, bingo is said to be invented in 1934, the earliest form existed since 1530 as a lottery game. Since 1940s bingo became popular all over the world. To make the game more interesting and exciting, prizes are given for row-wise pletion of numbers, diagonal numbers pleted etc. Credit goes to Edwin Lowe of USA for popularizing Bingo. Present day bingo s are electronic in form and played on the internet; online. There are lots of cash prizes to be won and that is what draws millions of people all over the world to play the game, online. In the US, Casinos offer mercial bingo s for jackpots to be won and thus, makes millionaires out of the poor or the already rich. Various types of bingos to suit different tastes of the players, are offered; like U-Pick Em bingo, Quick Shot bingo, Bonanza bingo, Horse Racing bingo, Table bingo, Christmas bingo, Buzzword bingo, Bovine bingo, Online bingo, Road kill bingo, Lingo - a game show implementing Bingo mechanics and Slingo - an online game blending slots and bingo. Apart from these, bingo techniques are being used to generate and play different versions of this ever exciting game. Since, playing bingo at mercial locations attracts some amount to buy the tickets; this game is a very good business opportunity – for the conductor. In 2008, in Nevada alone, more than $2billion was at stake in the bingo circles. One can imagine the potential of the game to generate revenues. You may b e a millionaire by playing bingo; BINGO is here to stay, forever. Bingo! Enjoy it! Bingo is a game, played for relaxation, social gatherings, charity and fetches winnings too. The game is played with a marker and a piece of paper or card with some random numbers printed on them or played electronically, as an online game, on the internet. A group of players have to play the game and the conductor of the game draws numbers one by one through a lottery system.
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