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    <br>I'll watch it again and see if it's worth posting.This is were you dont lose weight for 2 weeks or so and then bam third week lose 3 pounds.I LOVE fish.I bet those knee injections that you get are probably more painful.that night ended badlyIt was pathetic and embarrassing.was there ever any doubt?the fact that he could hook his leg on the arm of someone thats pretty educated in jiu jitsu says alot.I think Edgar found the perfect gameplan to beat BJ, using his speed and cardio to be able to use his high tempo throughout all 5 rounds.Game plan is to just eat, and lift heavy as ****, and in the beginning of May I'll reassess myself and see how much I will need to cut and how hard and all that.<br><br>I had this roomie in college freshman year, started out cool.Food is food, try to eat healthy stuff and to have a pretty diverse diet, with meat, rice, beans, fruits, vegetables, take a vitamin pill a day, lots of water and you're good to go.yeah he was a pro wrestler before getting into mmaWow, from what I saw the Black belt was snoozin BEFORE triangle?so fast wtf why?samei call it Yes Fapreek the same benefits homosexual miscers receive on no fapcurrently on day 187Is Brooklyn close to the Bronx?What you do should be for you, not for others to bash on and get you down.He probably will to be honest.The tendons in my elbows were killing me today, and I felt it during the work sets.<br><br>I consent!photobucket.- UFC already makes LOTS of money .But somewhy i can't get the motivation to go to the gym, i just can't get it i dont know why.If you are interested, please send me an email at @ pickin's.Same with my nutrition.4bf, trx p2 vs p3 and 5"5 heightthe misc has phases of people.10% of the population are lightweight fighters?you dont seem to get it people build their skills around their advantages if you are big, strong, and long reach then you should build your skillset around that.I think they are just staring at your stomach brahWhy don't you actually have a proper pressure point done to you, trx p2 instead of constantly pulling **** out of your house.<br><br>op my roommate had this.No hate but seriously, how is this motivation?seriously man do not doubt anything one bit, just focus on that degree man.We know how to organize our health and yet very few people do it.Hopefully I can get my eyes "fixed" soon.They told me I would only make an extra 200-300 a does hold alot of bike parts though.I dont like off days either,If i have more than a couple of days off I dont feel very good,Iam addicted to the pump.Like a pyramid.How exactly are you tracking your calories?no u should find out how they got to make money without a degree and figure out what you need to do the same.<br><br>They had it when I was a kid, trx p3 which means the thing's at least 40-50 years old.Being cocky and arrogant doesn't help, trx p3 either.Thank you for your contribution to my thread."I'm a little right of Atilla the Hun".Of course, these days don't alternate.hell ya man.You should be able to approach him about situations such as this.Dark roast and my terp said its raw organic from India of all places.Yeaaaaaaahhh buddayyy.late nights drinking that great new (to me anyway) Firefly Ice Tea Vodka.After reading this thread i had a hershey bar.go to the gym for yourself.Some people aren't as capable, but people who struggle with basic **** just aren't trying.<br>
    Lel @ haunted house picsbr oooooo
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