• Tue Dec 10 2013, 11:51am
    Tue Dec 10 2013, 04:43pm  
    Level 1

    Hey, Youri and me(DiDi) have decided 2 make a clan when our old clan we were leading AxE died(R.I.P).. We hope to be as succesful as them with fun people and a active server!

    So come join us at: >PiB|Recruiting|XPS or (/connect
    Our site:
    Server TeamSpeak3:

    The server we have is a 28 Silent mod server stated in France and absolutely lag free. If u ever played on AxE u will recognize quite a few of the same settings here we just gave it our own twist 2 keep it nice and fun.

    Also we got 1 panzer,flame and mortar each team and we enabled adrenaline. Some might hate it but others love it and its still a part of the game. But we decided that shotgun wont be here aswell as throwing knifes.
    Another thing we have is trip mines limited ofc but those are some fun tools for the engineer 2 get easy kills.

    What u might notice when u come play when the server is quite empty is that the bots are pretty good. We have the newest bot update so they actually play quite decent.

    We use a mapvote system on the server 2 decide what map will be played. U got choice of more then 20 maps so there is Always a good 1 for you!

    No cheating
    No arty spawnkill
    No discrimination/flaming
    No objective jumping
    Have fun

    We hope to see more guests 2 play with us and have a great time

    Youri, DiDi & the rest of PiB!


    Youri: youria
    DiDi: darixa5
Moderator(s): EasyRider, Nail, Warning!Mika


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