• Sun Jan 15 2012, 10:56pm
    Sun Jan 15 2012, 10:57pm  
    Level 1

    I have downloaded Wolfenstein Enemy Territory again, i didnt play for a long time. And I want to play it again.
    I downloaded the 2.60B version from this site.
    But when everything was installed, I got no servers when I click on play online, nothing shows up.
    ET isnt blocked by my firewall, and I opened all the ET Ports in the router.
    I have installed the 2.60B patch again, to make sure i have got the 2.60B version, but still no servers.
    I tried to open it as administrator, wat that also doesnt help.
    I dont know what i can do now, can someone help ?
  • Mon Jan 16 2012, 10:05am
    Mon Jan 16 2012, 10:38am  
    Level 1

    I have read on this forum a similar problem.
    so i tried connecting to this IP:
    And then it connected, but i got kicked for having an empty CD-key or something it says?

    Now I found on the internet, that when you get the Empty CD-key error you must click on this "~" button on the keyboard and then type: "pb_cdkeyreg" but when i do that it says: CDkey registration sent to GuidAuth Master server. But I am waiting for about 10 minutes and I still don't get something like that the registration was a succes. On a site says it must take up to 30 seconds before you get the message that the registration was a succes. So I tihnk 10 minutes is a little bit long, so I dont know what to do now...
    Can somebody help?
  • thompson1989
    Level 1

    I've got almost the same problem. I was playing ET already, but for some reason one day no servers showed up. I was like WTF! Now I am trying to re-install.. I'm starting to think this has nothing to do with my computer..
  • Sat Jan 21 2012, 08:36pm
    Sat Jan 21 2012, 08:47pm  
    Level 1

    The ET main server browser is down I think, might come back might not!!
    You can use an alternative like XFIRE to search for servers.
    I use 2.55 version and never have trouble finding a server to join.

    Some servers do not use PB but use TZAC

    Regarding the CD-Key.

    Install this

    Make sure that pnkbstr A and pnkbstr B are allowed through your firewall, When I play I manually enable them via services.msc to make sure they are running.

    ET is very tempremantal at the moment but it does still work, just takes a bit of time smilesmile
  • General Samov
    Level 1

    As vans posted,, which is the primary source for providing an up to date server list, has been down for several weeks now.
    Luckily, there's a workaround by informing ET it should search for the server list elsewhere, which is better described here.
    Also, hello to everyone, long time no see!! cheesey How are you all doing?
  • vans
    Level 1

    Cool job on that link Samov smile
  • Thu Mar 08 2012, 07:36am
    Thu Mar 08 2012, 07:37am  
    Level 1

    Yeah id has done away with et, there is no more master list for servers. so when you download the game you need to check if you have a cd key if not you can go here and generate one and put it in your etmain folder. There are also some people at that are also working on a master server list. My clan is a part of that, we have what looks like a name connecting to the servers but its just tracking it and adding it to the list
  • Mon Jun 04 2012, 09:03am
    Mon Jun 04 2012, 12:17pm  
    Level 1

    Thanks for the help guys
    Im gonna try it and install it again !

    I now installed the game, and now I can see the servers.
    But when i try to connect to one, i got the message that I have an invalid GUID.
    I have read on forum and they say I need an ETKEY and punkbuster doesnt support ET anymore and I need to generate one.
    So I want to go to this site:
    But the site doesnt work, what can I do now?

    I also used Option 1 on:

    Stil I get the invalid GUID message, and I dont have an ETkey in the etmain folder.
    Does anyone know how that I can get a etkey?
  • Mon Jun 04 2012, 03:47pm
    Mon Jun 04 2012, 03:50pm  
    Level 1

    I had exact same problem as I had to reinstall ET.

    This link does work

    Use PB installer.

    Go to Run and type services.msc thern enter.
    Scroll down until you find pnkbstr A and B, enable them or change them to automatic.
    Make sure they are allowed through your firewall.
    It worked for me and I have done it loads of times;):)
  • sjoepes
    Level 1

    Yeah thanks it works now !
    I can play wolfenstein again after 5 years !
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