• Rigell
    Level 1

    So this is my problem:
    I have been playing et for a long time now, had it installed in this laptop, but yesterday night something happened and i could only get the french wood clan in my servers list and the start menu was also by them, and also i could not swich the mods. I tried to erase packages i got recently but it did not work., I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and now i can´t get any servers on the list.
    I have the 2.6 patch installed.
    I do run vista but it is set to run et as admin.
    Compatibility mode to serv pack 2 ok.
    I am connect to the internet (via wireless but all is ok with router, no changes at all)
    My windows firewall allows the progm trough
    The game allows me to connect via ip in the console.
    I downloaded manually the pnkbstr and the config
    In the console just says
    Pnkbstr installed sucessfully, bla bla bla
    Requesting servers from master...

    could somebody pls pls pls help me? I really don´t know what changed from yesterday to today but I WANNA PLAY =) ( and pref without having to resort to splatterladder)

    A million thx in advance
  • Nail

    master server was down for a bit, should be fine now
  • Rigell
    Level 1

    Lol! U r soo right =)
    I spent like 4 hrs turning everything around cause it was the first time this happ... Lol Noob tongue
    Thx anyway!
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