• Mon Mar 15 2010, 01:21am
    Mon Mar 15 2010, 01:22am  
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    Hey people! It's been now awhile, since something has happened, and basically i cant play ET quite the same anymore. Whenever i join any server, i will have huge lag issues and mostly resulting an disconnection. My connection is 5mbps cable modem, which should do more than enough for the task, i have some Netgear model actually, if needed, i can specify it. It actually happened once we moved out to new apartment. Now we have moved out again, and still doesn't work here either.

    So what have i tried?
    Restaring ET,
    Reinstalling ET,
    Reinstalling Windows XP,
    Getting a new cable modem, which actually has some connection issues with other programs like MSN, but port-forwarding never worked on those things. Only port-forwarding issue i've ever resolved, was port-forwarding DC++ ports and could run a direct connection mode, instead of passive. Oh, and the problem started on my previous router already, so I'm not sure about that if its a router issue.
    Also i've tried moving to another location, as i've told.

    I haven't tried using another connection at completely different location
    or using my router on a different computer.

    I'm not sure where the issue really is, it's been so long so that i can't even remember, what exactly happened once it started. I just remember it came quite suddenly.

    I'll thank for the replies! smile

    (Actually, now i remember. I have tried playing ET on another computer at my home, and if i recall it right, it actually ran it also. But still it's a possible router issue, so do not exclude that by all means. )
  • NikuKilleri
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    so is there nobody who could assist me?
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