• Tue Mar 09 2010, 11:03am
    Tue Mar 09 2010, 11:33am  
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    Hy guys! first post in forum and the first problem...:)

    "yvos fov fixed shooting" ...this script should be just for mp 40 and thompson(weaponbank3) and he should not work for the other this possible?...i work now 2 weeks on this and no results...can someone help me?...


    p.s. for weaponbank 2 should be automaticly fov 90..and no changes between 120, 110, 105, etc and 90..
    p.s.2 when i crouch should normally work the crouch toggle..switch between 110 and 90(shooting)
  • Tue Mar 09 2010, 09:52pm
    Tue Mar 09 2010, 09:58pm  
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    I hope this is what you are looking for. Higher fov for all weapons that aren't in weaponbank 3, and lower while shooting with weapons in weaponbank 3. Also lowed while you crouch, and higher again while not crouched. I haven't gotten to test it, but it should work. Hope this helps!

    // m_pitch fixed shooting script

    // Binded key
    bind mouse1 "+vstr fovOn fovOff"

    // Settings
    // far range fov
    set fov1 "set cg_fov 90"
    // normal range fov
    set fov2 "set cg_fov 110"

    // Script
    set fovOn "+attack; vstr fov1"
    set fovOff "-attack; -attack; vstr fov2"

    // -

    vstr fov2

    bind 1 "weaponbank 1; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 2 "weaponbank 2; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 3 "weaponbank 3; bind mouse1 "+vstr fovOn fovOff"
    bind 4 "weaponbank 4; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 5 "weaponbank 5; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 6 "weaponbank 6; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 7 "weaponbank 7; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 8 "weaponbank 8; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 9 "weaponbank 9; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"
    bind 0 "weaponbank 10; bind mouse1 +attack; cg_fov 110"

    bind c "+vstr crouch1 crouch2"
    seta crouch1 "+movedown; cg_fov 90"
    seta crouch2 "-movedown; -movedown; cg_fov 110"

    Just copy, paste, and enjoy!
  • Wed Mar 10 2010, 09:18am
    Wed Mar 10 2010, 09:20am  
    Level 1

    thanks a lot Here4Scripts...yesterday at evening i made the script by myself (after 2 weeks and 1 day)...:)...and it looks lyke yours...:) mistake was that you have to put on every weaponbank the commands...this script is awesome, i send many thanks Sanglot...his script was the first step for me..:)
  • Wed Mar 10 2010, 09:27am
    Wed Mar 10 2010, 09:29am  
    Level 1

    for every one who want to use this works!...and just one can also set mouse sens crosshairsize etc. on every weaponbank(if necessary)..when you use rifle, is this script not really helpfull...just make a new one, with normal attack and with fov switch per bind..

    p.s. topic can be closed
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