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    Hi all,

    lately i've been working on a main.menufile (the bootscreen for you guys not known to scripting)

    anyway, I've having a hard time and headaches to figure out how to set the mod boot able upon start. As my server uses jaymod but the standard mod is etMAIN of course. Is there any way I can make the server modify my standard mod to jaymod?

    I know you can by putting '+set fs_game jaymod' behind your ET.exe file but I need the server to do so, I've tried putting '+set fs_game jaymod' and '+set fs_basegame jaymod' in the 'server.cfg' but it won't do the trick..

    I've also tried to put an autoexec.cfg in the pk3 file and then let it auto-execute upon boot but it won't work frown

    if anyone knows how to fix/solve this mystery, please help me out..

    Thanks in advance!

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