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    In my etconsole.log one players name keeps popping up when all the other players don't. I removed the ETPro guid but here is an example.

    [ETPRO GUID] [win32]
    etpro IAC: 4yr8TFifisuKFAR-SkiwPki3XHlvCQ0PUc0HVjmnqdP--hj2+mogFy-B7DZgQyP7Th4bPnYy6ogcGd3bLvmdvm84kboRp-7LUYvjmeUMinW41jjliwJOtNOr1Vlb7e7U+JwYW+-7UeRkl+fmuMfi73yflWavG9-qdRz0ysc

    The last part with all those random letters and numbers kept changing and changing and this doesn't happen with any other player. Hacks?
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