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    hi all. i have major problem with Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (2.55) I installed the game and when i connect to server, all freeze up, and it gives pop up and kicks me in desktop. I can play as long as i want to in NOT pb protected servers, BUT when i connect in any PB protected server, all freeze up in first second. I have made alot things to solve this, uninstall PB, whole game, clean registry, install all again, install pb again using pbsetup 3.4, changed etkey and try to make all default, but nothing helps. I have new gaming rig, so restore in earlier state to fix this, is not in option list either. Latest thing what in console i have, is: "Punkbuster Client: Attempting to update PnkBstrA from version 1029 to 1032". Once had a reply on this and went like: "master query send to etmaster ...blablabla"..after those i tryed run game again but same whine, kick to desktop. I have tried to different servers, but all gives me same error. I have played this game 3 years, i can solve most of problems but in this time, no idea whats wrong!. I made run even with ALL antivirus/ FW programs disabled, but no help! ..if someone can solve this, i would be very thankfull!
  • Tue Jan 19 2010, 02:26am
    Level 9

    sry, we don't offer support for 2.55 due to several issues
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