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    heres my problem when i am using an mg42 and want to get up quick and just hit the space bar i often get caught in a cycle of zoom in and zoom out while being unable to fire a gun which usually means im dead before i can finally respond. what i would like is a simple script so that with one button i can unmount the mg, stand up and pull out my smg (is there any way to make it so it will pull out pistol or duals or smg meaning pull out my best weapon other then the mg?).
    while im at it anyone know where i can find a list of what to call different keys in console. i think i know most of what this script should say but im not sure what to call different keys (like what to call the mouse wheel and have it go down one click).
    anyway thanks for your trouble.
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    bind mwheeldown
  • Sat Jan 16 2010, 11:21pm
    Sat Jan 16 2010, 11:26pm  
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    Here is a list of bindable keys.
    Many of those are already used, so make sure you don't overwrite a bind you need.
    KP means keypad, or the numberpad if you have one.
    I think they left out mouse4 and mouse5, which are the buttons on the side of some mice.

    Here is the script:

    bind [KEY] "+attack2; -attack2; -attack2; +moveup; wait 10; -moveup; -moveup; weaponbank 2"

    Choose any key from the list to use.
    Depending on your mod, you may have to replace attack2 with weapalt.
    Make sure your smg is set to be weaponbank 2 for soldiers. b_panzerhack 1 for ETPro, might be cg_panzerhack 1 for other mods.
    I don't know if a non-default com_maxfps will affect the wait.
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    thanks ill give it a try hope it works like i want.
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