• Mon Dec 28 2009, 06:45am
    Wed Dec 30 2009, 03:11am  
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    Im from MC-Gaming the amazingly server hosting company, we
    host any game for just 0.59 euros per slot with a free forum
    and teamspeak, you name it, we host it, if you would like to
    purchase a server at all, then please,
    contact @"+"@"+"";self.close();' onmouseover='window.status="mai"+"lto:"+"@"+"@"+""; return true;' onmouseout='window.status="";return true;'>this email
    or xfire: calvin241

    Please take advantage of this amazing deal, we only have a limited ammount of servers left.

    Thanks from MC-Gaming

    0% Lag, 100% Frag

    admins, if i'm not allowed to post this, then please pm me and i will delete or edit it, thanks
  • Mon Dec 28 2009, 04:52pm
    Level 9

    ;) this is where it belongs, thanks, where are servers located?
  • calvin241
    Level 1

    All in germany, and all servers have these specifications:

    * Dell Powege server chassis
    * Intel Quad Core Xeon X3220 (4 x 2.4GHz cores)
    * 4GB DDR2 RAM
    * 500GB hard disks
    * 1000mbit network links to all servers
    * Custom-compiled Linux kernel
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