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    I've got some kind off problem with my replays, recorded in-game smile.

    I've got autorecord enabled, and when i play a war, it's start to record.
    When i play supply or radar, no problem, i can watch the replays afterwards,

    but when i play other maps, and i see that de game is recording,
    when i go to "replays" after the war, i only see the supply and radar recordings, and
    for example the sp_delevery_te recordings aren't there.

    when i go to my folder in mac (I have Apple macbook pro), i see the demos in the etpro file.

    I tryed to put them in other "demos" maps, but nothing worked.

    anyone got an idea how to solve this problem, or knows another programme to watch dm_48 files? So i can watch myself pwning?


    thx smile!
  • Nail

    start game in etpro to watch etpro demos
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