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    Yeah, the topic title says the main thing. I want to learn how to create a script for omni-bots while they are in sniper servers. For example, they should move, kill and aim normally in the sniper servers as they do stuff like constructing and destroying things in frag servers (regular servers). Does anybody know how to create that script? It'd be valuable.

    Also, if that script worked, we would I need to put it in my directory? I have a server from YCN-Hosting and I have omni-bots 0.66 for Jaymod 2.1.7. I have an omni-bot folder. Here's the path: Location : / I have also this Location : / So where do I need to add the following omni-bot script? I have no idea how to even create it, that's why I'm asking for help.

    Those scripts are called waypoints. I usually upload a waypoint from UJE if I use UJE maps but which file do I need to use in the package? UJE usually puts a gm and WAY file and put them together by making it a rar or zip file that is extractable. So which file I need to use and where do I upload it into my directory? Location : / or Location : / or just ETMain. Where? smile

    Edited: I found a new path: Location : / where was which included WAY and gm files that omni-bots require to move forward and do the stuff. Do I just need to put waypoints (WAY and gm), files to that

    Thanks in advance!

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