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    sounds more like pb kick
  • Mon Dec 21 2009, 07:35pm
    Mon Dec 21 2009, 07:36pm  
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    nah I mean I just had something like 9:12 after that I had a lucky killingspree up to 16:12 but nothing unhuman, so I didn't dominated the server or sth. And nope it was no pb kick, kickmessage was "Admin decision" and I had some problems with kicks before as you can read in this thread. I even sent Gotenks 2-3 replays some time ago to show how I play and that I don't use any hacks or sth.

    Nick was fumoshi and will be my real nick, alpenbog in future.
  • Alerg
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    we must consult with the oracle...
  • Tue Dec 22 2009, 08:36am
    Tue Dec 22 2009, 08:37am  

    maybe the ref/admin involved could PM Gotenks
  • Tue Dec 22 2009, 09:30am
    Tue Dec 22 2009, 09:32am  


    There was a thread in the referees-forum about yumoshi (aka Rick James) according to this he should have bypassed a Ban (yumoshi and fumoshi or only yumoshi).

    Gotenks already know also the other referees we ve discussed it yesterday ingame . The first ban was a misunderstanding because of a wrong assessment (but the ban was lifted immediatly).
    Take in consideration we are also humans and we make sometimes mistakes.

    All this happened (the first ban and then lifted ban) in the time i was in vacation,after i came back i ve readed the thread in the Refs hangout about Yumoshi and i thought he is bypassing a ban, and i answered there i was about to re-ban him. Also other referees have readed my answer there and according to my answer they were ready to remove the player from the server.

    Since i ve talked with the other admins/refs and they informed me properly , the situation is now purified. We apologize for the circumstances and you and your friend are welcome to play on our servers again.
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