• Sanglot
    Level 1

    Here's my weapon cfg. I play mostly jaymod.

    set mpitch1 "m_pitch 0.012; sensitivity 1"
    set mpitch2 "m_pitch 0.016; sensitivity 2"
    set mplow "+attack; +sprint; cg_fov 90; vstr mpitch1"
    set mphigh "-attack; -attack; -sprint; vstr mpitch2"
    bind mouse1 "+vstr mplow mphigh"

    bind MOUSE2 "+movedown"
    bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev"
    bind MWHEELUP "weapnext"

    set aw "+attack2
    set wa "-attack2; -attack2; weaponbank 2: weaponbank 3; bind mouse1 +vstr mplow mphigh"
    bind 1 "unbind mouse1; weaponbank 1; bind mouse1 +vstr aw wa; cg_drawgun 1"

    bind 2 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 3; weaponbank 2; cg_drawgun 1"
    bind 3 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +vstr mplow mphigh; weaponbank 2; weaponbank 3; cg_drawgun 0"
    bind 4 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 4; cg_drawgun 1"
    bind 5 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 5; cg_drawgun 1"

    bind 6 "+vstr pack pack2"
    set pack "weaponbank 6; cg_drawgun 1; +attack"
    set pack2 "-attack; -attack; -attack; weaponbank 3"

    bind 7 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 7; cg_drawgun 1"
    bind 8 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 8; cg_drawgun 1"
    bind 9 "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack; weaponbank 6; cg_drawgun 1"

    bind j "vstr hax"
    set hax "bind mouse1 +vstr tire change"
    set tire "+attack; +sprint"
    set change "unbind mouse1; -attack; -attack; -sprint; weaponbank 2; bind mouse1 +attack; +sprint"

    bind h "unbind mouse1; bind mouse1 +attack"

    Ok so i have my sensitivity and my vertical movement fixed for when i shoot. When i select the knife, attack2 is bind to mouse1 and when i throw it it change my weapon to my primary one.
    To give packs i hold 6, and on release it change to my smg... very usefull when going out of spawn. J is a script that when activated, you can shoot and when you stop firing, it change to luger right away. H is for panzer, it re-bind +attack to mouse1.

    I always wanted to know, is my sensitivity and vertical movement script nasty or cheating? Cuz i feel kinda sorry for noobs when i use this stuff...

    Any commentary on this cfg?

  • mister-gun
    Level 1

    this script is really good and helpfull...thanks for posting!
  • Here4Scripts
    Level 1

    Pretty nice cfg. I like your idea to switch to pistols.
    I myself don't use anything like sprinting while shooting or m_pitch changes, except for lowered sens while crouched. Still others like the idea, though I play well in ET without it.
    And scripting isn't cheating. Even though it can help a player, it doesn't make up for lack of skill. It dosen't make a huge difference, and a skilled non-scripter can easy beat a less skilled player with scripts. Scripting just fine-tunes your gaming experience.
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