• Fatal Damage
    Level 1

    I have found that Ive been able to get to a good standard on ET, but there is a distinct line between a good player and a GOOD player. Do you get me?

    What is the best way to get to that next level?
    Playing against pros, or on competitive amateur servers would seem a good idea but because theyre all so good I found myself dying almost instantly before I could even shoot back?
    And pwning no0bs all day long isnt going to help improve your aiming and efficiency either.
    So im not sure as to how I can improve myself on ET. I thought duelling would be good because all you are concentrating on is surviving and killing your opponent before he does. But i dont know many people that are willing to duel more than three times.
  • bladewyrm
    Level 1

    I am at the same level as you (getting even or positive k/ds most games, but not to the level of 30+kills /deaths, keep playing on the pro/competitive amauter servers you WILL get better (I started playing on one server 2-20 most games, couple months later breaking even k/ds wink
  • virgili 2
    Level 1

    mmmmm,i dont get it
  • ardiwd
    Level 1

    Best way to improve is to play against people better than you. Always has been, always will be. I suggest searching out, or arranging to meet people in a server with headshot or other dueling map on it, and just keep practising. You can also try finding something distinctive that is head height and practice strafing left and right keeping your aim on it, with and without sprint, then mix in getting closer and further away as you fire.
    Practice strafe jumping too, getting around quickly is just a important to be pro! smile
  • alexplay3
    Level 1

    One of the most important things is consistency, so keep your settings and practice with them, i found myself changing my setting especially my sensitivity every week, then i just took a random number (1.5) and i'm sticking with it (med sens btw) and my aim improved a lot compared to my OLD high sens and my more recent low sens. Other than that just play a lot of scrims, although with the current ET scene (cheaters) it's hard to find a good legit player to play against, and don't just aim and strafe side to side like most people do, try to predict you enemy movements and dodge his bullets, is just like dodging a rifle nade but you have to think faster and use the cover.
  • Nail

    try our server: the refs keep the game very clean, it's an ETPro server so your "sniper" script won't work
  • Thu Jan 22 2009, 04:44am
    Level 1

    Taking ET to the next level takes determination. I got my motivation from reading some guides. The ones I remember most clear are the unoffical ET strategy guide (now on the front page) and than RaZiels aiming guide. Can probably be googled.
  • Hamid Karzai
    Level 1

    Play on AimBOT servers. Yeah, cheaters are universally hated but if you can beat them and avoid dying at their hands then you can survive people who aren't using cheats.

    Pick a class and play obsessively with it. Most people pick Medic's, Engineers or Covert Ops. I went for engineers and I've never looked back.
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