• Blueeeee
    Level 1

    Hey guys.

    I'm planning on making a small Wolfen ET fragmovie. But I've got a problem when it comes to recording with Fraps. The problem is that I mainly want to get rid off the "chatbox" and the "radar", in the demo.

    The only command I've got so far is "/cg_draw2d 0", and it's fine when you're recording close battles. But not if you're recording long distance battles (rifle grenades), because I wan't "the list of kills" to be showed (yeah, you know that "Marcus got killed by Peter's MP40"). Otherwise the audience won't see that you just killed someone.

    So do you guys got any helpful commands for this?
    To get rid of the "radar" and "chatbox" and other annoying things, or get back "the list of kills" when you got "/cg_draw2d 0"?

    Thank you so much // Blueeeee
  • Blueeeee
    Level 1

    Say what?
  • Sat Jul 19 2008, 09:11pm
    Level 9

    lol, something happened, wrong window i believe, i'll delete post XD sry
  • Nail

    try this, etpro only

    b_hudyoffset 1000 will move the entire hud etc off the screen except the kill texts
    i use cg_crosshairsize "0" and add the crosshair as an image with a transparent in the encoding stage of the movie

    heres some i use

    cg_drawreinforcementtime "0"
    cg_drawroundtimer "0"
    cg_complaintpopup "0"
    cg_drawstatus "0"
    cg_drawfps "0"
    cg_novoicetext "1"
    cg_drawcompass "0"
    cg_teamchatsonly "1"
    cg_teamchatheight "0"
    cg_drawnotifytext "0"
    cg_voicespritetime "0"
    cg_drawcrosshairnames "0"
    cg_drawcrosshairpickups "0"
    demo_infowindow "0"
    demo_drawtimescale "0"
    cg_lagometer "0"

    b_drawclock "0"
    b_drawspectatoralpha "0"
    b_drawspeed "0"
    b_popupstaytime "900"
    b_popupfadetime "700"
    b_popuptime "0"
    b_fireteamalpha "0"
    cg_drawFireteamOverlay "0"
    b_watermarkalpha "0"
    b_drawranks "0"
    b_numpopups "4"
    b_drawPromotions "0"
    b_drawRewards "0"
    b_demo_playersprites "0"
    b_hudyoffset "5000"

  • Rambo..
    Level 1

    How do you convert the demo into avi? I assume your not going to leave the video as a demo so only uoi can see it.
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