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    Sry for making that much topics, but I really need help cheesey .

    I made a terrain with EasyGen and I use the batch method to compile my map. When I compile the map, I want it to be completely bright so I removed "-light" from this commandline:
    %Q3MAP_PATH% -light -extra -patchshadows %GEN_OPTIONS% %MAP_PATH%
    Now after I've removed that, I try to compile the map but it says "ERROR: Can't load map.pcx", altho that .pcx is almost every folder already cheesey .

    And about the texture problem - when I made the terrain I used 3 levels terrain with 2 snow textures. Now when I compile the map it says
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_0
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_0to1
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_1
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_1to2
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_2
    WARNING: Couldn't find image shader textures/mapname/terrain_2to0

    And if I go to ET and run the map, the terrain texture is missing (it's just that default texture black box with orange frames).
  • Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:27pm
    Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:28pm  
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    The .pcx file goes to your etmain folder. For the image missing, check the path to the picture, if the picture is there, make sure they are non compressed 32 bit tga's with full alpha channel.

    Also when you want full bright without shadows, remove the whole light and do just single bsp meta and vis if you need to (atleast for release). If you want to have shadows and full bright, just make the normal light compile, but add _ambient key to your worldspawn, value like 10 should be good, play around it so you'll get one for your needs.
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