• Tha_Legacy
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    Hello!! Been a while since a last posted here, but since im playing quiet regular on the server, im getting frustated on the number of cheaters on the server.

    There is no kick option, and if there are no refs..lets face it, bien and mazon can't be around all the time.. No use playing.

    We either need a kick option or some more referee passwords for the regular users.. If needed you can chaneg them each month. It's a shame to let some cheaters spoil the fun of some nice team-based games on the server.

    Who is in charge of the passwords these days? Still Gotenks or only Unblind? smile
  • Splittik
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    Yeah, I can see the need for refs on the ET server. I haven't played there in ages (or ET in a while) and I can imagine a lot of the old admins, no longer play there anymore.
  • PopeyeET
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    Time to take up an old thread smile

    Im Popeye playing for ages...first RTCW then ET. Been on the server for quite a long time. Known by Bien, Mazon, Gweilo, Mika, Randy etc. and ready to take a turn as ref - if you decide to.

    By the way - took me ages to log in, seems I have several accounts on the forum...couldn´t remember any of the passes lol....age I suppose (34)

    Pure spinach kids wink
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