• Jenny1
    Level 1

    Dear Admins!

    I was playing et today on your server at 18:50; I was Soldat Panzerfaust and it was goldrush - a Enemy allways said that i am using a wallhack bc i was camping in Axis spawn with the e - key. When a allied came into i shot him. Bc of not negotiating with this enemy calling me a cheater - a Admin kicked and banned me. But so I am not a cheater, I have not a wallhack! That was not nice

    My name was Jenny!

    Please free my IP bc I love your server so much! tongueanzer:
  • Sun May 20 2007, 07:14pm
    Level 9

    i asked you directly if you had one, infact i asked 3 times and you said yes each time... don't admit to something if you aren't using one...
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