• offbow
    Level 1

    Hi I am new but I haven't play ET yet because when I start up the game, I just get a black screen and some sound, and windows key or ctrl + alt + delete doesn't work, thought once I press the windows key, the sound goes.

    Any help wanted.

    Thanks, Offbow.
  • Thu Apr 12 2007, 06:30pm
    Thu Apr 12 2007, 06:31pm  
    Level 8

    Welcome to the forums :thumb:

    You may want to try updating your graphics/video card drivers with the ones offered by the manufacturer of your card.

    Also make sure you have the latest DirectX.

    If that don't help... come back and post your computer specs... OS, RAM, graphics/video card...
  • Toorok
    Level 1

    Im sorry but you really have to come up with some better answers than "your graphics card sucks" or "update DirectX". Im sure people that like to play games often are always ontop of small things like that and more than 3/4 population of PC users have world ending power for there PCs now so its rather there PC set up isnt COMPATIBLE with the game or [And ive seen a few threads to back up this 'or'] your game needs some major updates to stop the random black screening. Im sorry but i have to admit it gets a bit fucking annoying when non of the admins or GMs around some games are no help at all, dont just hand on the same old goddamit suggestion...DO somethnig about it...look into it maybe GET CREATIVE because its piss annoying
  • Toorok
    Level 1

    As I was going to post in one of the threads until your same small brained answers got on my nipples was that when i start the game up i too get just a black i have DX10 with two RADEON HD 4770's crossfiring, a 500gb SATA harddrive, a big ass fan with arctic cooling injector and a LAN Party motherboard and all the things that are applicable for updates are at the most updated update to DATE...i play games like Age of Conan and Call of Duty 6 at max graphics setting so if your telling me I need to update my graphics or directX then im afraid theres no hope...your just completly useless.
  • Thu Dec 31 2009, 07:15pm
    Level 9

    Wow, you come in, insult and expect an answer? Try asking nice and explaining problem. Your small brain may not understand this is a fan site and we have no control over the game, but when 1000 people have the exact same problem and a simple fix is generally the first fix to try. You're welcome to post again, but let's try a little manners before you do?
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