• GregorausWien
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    Don t sigh,
    I know what you think this thread had been made 3-4 times yet but !

    But we got some pretey new ppl here since last time we did (thats at least 5 months ago)

    So some simple wuestions for inforum statistics :

    How old are you ?
    What cromosones you have ?
    And from what place you come from ?

    For me I am male 18 and come as my name says from Vienna.
    I think there are still to few female players and to few older people.
    And I hate france for only reason I had been in french elementary school.

    So now tell us about you.

    btw when you have kids you can also sayy it here.
    Me: nonne

  • OrCh1d
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    18 year old female from Austria (born in Thailand), 1 daughter and engaged.

    Daughter (Lilith):


    Yeah, there are too few female players ... I think that they are not interested in computer gaming frown (at least the majority of them)
  • Fri Sep 30 2005, 09:40pm
    Level 9

    most female players tend towards rpg or that type of thing over FPS...
  • GregorausWien
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    where from have you kids how old male ?
    Nah just joking most peeps should know ya tho a description of you would be nice.

    I know what you mean 5 of 6 gaming girls I know mainly play ragnarök and world of warcraft (god, please do me the favour to damn this game) frown
    The 6th is a simms 2 player and only one of those girls has already playin a fpsgame and said something better then :

    Oh wel... ye.. its is... unusual to me.

    She said fps would be nice when you don t have enough friends.
  • tunathefish
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    i dont know whether i should say any of that considering most people hate me :lol:
    I live in England if that helps though, and i think gaming is dominated by men as i never see girls playing any games, apart from age of mythology sometimes confused
  • mccreary
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    No kids

    I don't think it matters how many girls are in gaming. Who cares? If they wanna play, great, another target/opponent/teammate. If they don't, I'm not going to kidnap them and drag them to a LAN just to play against/with girls.

    Does it matter that people want to do different stuff?

    Here at my school, its 75% male, 25% female (roughly). We are known for engineering and science. People are always saying "Women need to have a stronger presence in engineering and science." If they don't want to be engineers/scientists, why bug the hell out of them to do it? But we give girls special scholarships to attract them here, and we spend money and time trying to attract more females, even if a more deserving male doesn't get anything.

    And speaking of gender bias . . . Why are people saying "There are not enough women in ______________."? Does anyone ask, "hey, we need more male dress designers, or ballet dancers." You never hear that, do you? But it doesn't matter.

    People will do what they want, let them, stop commisioning surveys to figure out why there aren't more woman/minorities in _________. Trust me, with the media the way it is today, if anyone is being rejected on the basis of gender or race, it'll make the news faster than you can say "gender/racial bias."

    That being said, having more females on this campus would be nice. Eye Candy. MMMMMM Candy. :lol:

    I already have a girlfriend, FYI.
  • Splittik
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    I think mccreary has a point. I think some people ask too much about girls and boys with gaming. I understand if your curious but some people just go over the topic too much. You shouldn't force or discourage people from doing something. If girls want to play, great. If some 60 year old wants to play, great I guess.
  • Sat Oct 01 2005, 12:29am
    Level 9

    we have a majority of males in our engineering program at ISU, but it's deffinately not 75/25 ratio...

    btw, i've posted my image and lots of info about me several times in these forums... (though they've probably been trimmed), so here they are again...

    27/M/3 kids (5-girl, 4-boy, 2-boy)
  • PDenton
    Level 1



    XY chromosomes

    as for the female question i believe that there are not enough playing FPS's with us, however if you like the sims...
  • Skornogr4phy
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    I haven't said this in a while but...

    The dating game continues smile
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