• JesusFREAK.
    Level 1

    they are on a hill smile
  • slamdunk
    Level 1

    not try head shoots...........


  • Sat Sep 09 2006, 04:47pm
    Level 1

    It's fun to play that mod where you can get a headshot with a knife. pretty funny stuff!
  • Assaf001
    Level 1

    Just practice, how? I made for myself a rule. When I see enemy, shooting while the mouse hand going up and moving while all this happen. 5-6 bullets in the head and they will be dead. As a covert ops, with sten in this case and not a sniper, first I make sure there is no other enemy around. for example: Engineer that constructing, even if u wont shoot in his head he will die... he has no option to kill you.
    When enemy standing, and moving straight, I mark his head, and shooting slowly [because sten is kinda half automatic].
    As a Thompson... gotta be faster and concetrate, it is true. somtimes I kill 80 times and sometimes about 25 times. It depends. and again, PRACTICE.
  • Sht92
    Level 1

    download fritzbot and learn fight against aimingskill nightmare.. thats what i did when i didnt have good internet and when gaught better net i was called on many servers as a aimbotter..
  • candygrrl
    Level 1

    are dings always headshots. iv counted 4 or 5 a few times and nobody died.. :grenade:
  • naDe!
    Level 1

    are dings always headshots. iv counted 4 or 5 a few times and nobody died.. :grenade:


    Yes they are.. unless the server has set it otherwise.. the other player could have adren or be sitting on med packs.. or the server might have it set up that all hits sound the same.
  • Mon Dec 25 2006, 06:19pm
    Level 1

    It's that damn whaleclient. It is totally whacked playing that shizzle!
  • ziisus
    Level 1

    just aim to the head...?
  • Sat Dec 30 2006, 07:49am
    Sun Dec 31 2006, 05:25pm  
    Lucky 1
    Level 1

    Well I've been playing ET for 2 years now. I'd say I'm a good player, not as good as pure pros on beta. I play 2.55 box servers w/o xp usually. I've been accused for hacking and kicked/banned on easier servers. I get killsx2-3 = my hs, if this isn't true then I'm having a horrible day and I should quit et. If someone isn't moving I will get 3-4 hs on them. On FB hs mode I will get 200+ hs roughly 50+k in 15m in a 8v8.

    ->If you want to get good at headshotting people you need to do a few things:

    1) Play on servers that have people that are better than you. They can't be too good where you can't kill anyone but just right.

    2) Play on no xp servers or play on servers where you can !resetmyxp.

    3) Play a lot and frequently!

    4) Get a better mouse! Also get your cfg perfect for you.

    5) Join a clan or scrimteam that is active.

    6) ALWAYS ALWAYS keep your crosshair head level!

    cg_drawgun 0...or the script on the bottom of the page. I use it.

    8!) Control your spread! I use med dot crosshair w/ pulse. I can see when my spread is too high b/c of pulse. I then crouch to relieve this problem.

    ->A few tips for those "decent" players. If you can't get 2+ hs on every firefight you should probably aim more for the body.You need to aim at the head at first b/c your spread should be minimal. then move the crosshair down to the neck/high chest b/c your spread (If you dont have lvl3 lightweap) will be high and the bullets should spread to the head or lower body.

    Also if you're used to good servers its always fun to go to xpsave pubs for some relaxation. :wink: Always fun to have 3-4 people come at you and u 75% of your shots are headshots.

    Before long you will be :bananahump: the enemy. :thumb:

    bind 0 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 10"
    bind 1 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 1"
    bind 2 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 2"
    bind 3 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 3"
    bind 4 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 4"
    bind 5 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 5"
    bind 6 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 6"
    bind 7 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 7"
    bind 8 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 8"
    bind 9 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 9"
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