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    Ok, I've just copied and pasted this from forum post I made a few weeks ago. Not read it over again, but if theres anything etnation related in it then... who cares? :lol:

    Anyway, This is not a whine thread. This is to explain where hitboxes are so people better understand why they are or are not hitting sometimes. Also, better understanding of how some people move like they do. Also hope this will help with each persons game if they know where the headboxes are and know a thing or two about fast strafing smile.

    COPY+Paste ////////////

    Upon seeing a journal on xfire about whine that he couldn't hit someone (was down to bad aim :lol:) I explained in that journal a thing about the dodgy hitboxes still in ET even after ETPro fixed some of them.

    You can see the XFire journal post here -

    Now, for those to lazy to click that... Heres the jist of it (+ adding some strafing things here that isn't in that journal.)

    The hitboxes in ET are as you know, shite. I will cover the headboxes for crouch and prone here which myself and Electro (yes, the Irish tart you see on these forums, please flame him when replying) tested one day when he was to shit to aim, as per usual.

    Crouched: The crouch hitboxes are sometimes very clearly screwed up, and other times not so much. The crouch headbox is NOT on the head, it is at the chin/neck level. Which if you grab someone to go on a server with you and crouch for you, get him to move side to side while you try and lugar him. Don't know why, but it's best seen with lugar, probably due to 0 spread. You will be lucky to it a single shot aiming right for the head (which btw, things that people confuse. Head = helmet/forehead, NOT the face) but if you aim at the chin you will most likely get 2 headshots, usually I fuck up the 3rd so I'll stick with 2. This isn't as noticeable with the smg even when taking single shots but it is still the same.

    Prone: Omg, here it comes. The prone hitboxes of which people have whined about since fuck knows when, and rightfully so. They are still not quite right, although better than the days before 3.2. Again, grab a mate (if you have mates :lol) get him proned. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT do him doggy style at this point or he will be quite pissed off. Anyway, get him proned and aim for the head again. You might get one lotto headshot on him and a bunch of bodies as that sometimes happens. Now, aim for the right side of his head (your right, the proners left) and 90% of the time you will get nothing but bodyshots, again, might get a lotto headshot. Now, here we go. Aim for the left (his right) of his head and try it then, you will most likely get a headshot right off followed by another, and another.

    GG, you just learned where exactly the stupid hitboxes are. Use it well and ffs, stop bobbing up and down like someone having a spasm, can't hit those fuckers to save myself.

    Onto some strafing things we found out after we tested the hitboxes. As you all know, Electro is a daft Irish man who is set out to find that speedhacks do work in ET. WRONG!

    First of all, short strafing. Strafing back and forth, left and right quickly so you are only taking about 1 step left and 1 step right each time. Having someone look at you, you will find it "appears" you are moving faster than normal. You aren't actually moving any faster than you normally do, but it looks like it making you harder to hit to those that know bog all.

    Now, there is that and there is this. After testing the hitboxes Electro pointed out that he had seen someone moving far to fast without short strafing but doing long strafes. I have seen this before myself and now I was actually thinking about it. It's true, and it can be done quite simply. Applying an old trick jump technique to my strafing (longer strafes) you can find that you do move faster. What you want to be doing is this (Note, this is best for high sensitivity players.) Strafe longer strafes so you have to move your mouse more than you normally would to keep your xhair on them. In the quake engine if you are moving your mouse when you are on the ground you will go faster. This is best scene on trickjump maps like gamma jump where you want to be moving your mouse just before you land so you are still moving your mouse when you jump again and it gives you a boost. You can also see this while going across a "long" patch of ice, keep moving your mouse from left to right and you go flying like a mad man. Without putting much thought into it before, it works on the ground as well. You need to be doing longer strafes so you are moving your mouse far more than usual, this way you will get the accelerator you want. I also found it helps if you go round in a sort of, circular motion. This way you are pressing left, right, back and forward. Should make it harder to aim (untested aiming wise) due to having to adjust your mouse in all directions but makes you a hell of a lot faster, therefore harder to track.

    All this was tested last week or something like that on ctf multi. Was intended to just post the results of the hitboxes, but I'm bored and fed up seeing people not able to strafe, so decided to stick it in cheesey.

    It was hard to word some of this, so if you have any questions just ask.

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    I am still wondering how to go really really fast....Like, as u said it helps if you have higher sens, but i dont see how this is possible. I mean, you can't move your x-hair faster than your strafing, otherwise your not hitting the target :S Do you mean i should be strafing small steps??? You said long steps tho which i dont understand can u plz explain this to me more clear i've tried with my friends but basically, the strafe left and right seems faster still. But i have seen this before and i wnat to learn how to do it it's so much faster!
  • Fri Jun 29 2007, 07:24pm
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    I wouldn't expect a quick reply... vowel hasn't posted in a year and a half. Don't know if he still reads the forums.

    But... maybe someone else will offer their input.
  • Nail

    etpro has totally changed hitbox detection since then, OP is superfluous
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    So in short, this wouldn't really happen anymore in .6b? Wut about .55? My friends and i are just very interested in seeing how much more glitchy each patch is compared to the newer superior version :o
  • Nail

    2.55 is a mess, no point in playing on it
  • Tue Jul 17 2007, 11:40am
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    et 2.55 poses security risks for the entire internet (a hacker can use it to make your machine do a lot of bad things), you shouldn't ever use 2.55
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