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    For the duration of this answer, I shall refer to a movie as an .avi file

    The first thing to state that there is an .AVI record feature in the ET demo playback (in-game). However this does not create an .avi movie file, but the bare ingredients needed to make an .avi file.

    Ironically, this is an important step.

    Upon pressing the avi record buttons when watching a demo (default F1-4), you record hundreds of .tga image files to your screenshots folder of the mod you played the demo’ed game on.

    Eg. Etpro/screenshots

    Nb: You can also do this step with a program called FRAPS (Download section), however it tends to be lower quality unless you're prepared to pay..

    However the first step is to clean up the game screen so that your movie looks professional and uncluttered. Before you start the demo, open the console and enter:

    /cg_draw2d "0"
    /b_hudyoffset "1000"

    This cleans up the HUD (the HUD is the collective name given to all the icons on the game scrren, such as the compass, time limit etc).

    Now it is all ok for you to start the demo and press the .avi recording buttons.

    The next step requires you to download the actual avi making program. We prefer ‘Quake Video Maker’. It is very simple to use, free, and produces very good looking produce.

    There are other programs on the scene which are arguably better such as Video Vegas (Current Version 4), however these require you to purchase them, and are recommended only for professional avi makers.

    Upon loading Quake Video Maker select new from the file menu. QVM will open new scene, where it says Sequence Format, choose shot####.tga etc.

    Press the button beside the sequence folder and select the folder you have all your .tga files in. By default as mentioned above this is your screenshot folder. Doing this will import the single frame .tga files. You can play around with multiple scenes, special effects and more from here.

    Once you are happy with your finished project, click ‘Generate Movie’ from the drop down menu or tool bar. You will be asked to save it and add a name to save it under, and then to select your compression. (without compressing the file could be as much as 4 or 5 gigabytes…not good!). Generally the most used compression ‘codecs’ are DivX or XVid

    You can download the DivX codec at
    XVid at

    Also you may need to adjust the config you are playing with, especially if you play with low detail settings or a 'dark' config
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