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    I am trying to find some people and network them to make a KP TOTAL CONVERSION mod for a Different engine.

    I don't know if you have ever played a game called Kingpin before or not it was basically to violant and bloody and way to much cussing for the time it was made 98 I believe.

    There are two sites for reference on this game and its history.

    It was a Gangster game that might as well have just been a full mod on quake2 because its the same engine ID let them use.

    It had a decent size community that has fell apart and on average you will see maybe 20 - 30 people playing on a good day.

    Ok, I will cut the crap and just get to the point and the point is ALOT of people would love to see this game remade on a new engine with nothing changed but graphics and maybe a few extras and then people could do mini mods from there on.

    The game its self had a lot of mods that made the game play from CS to Q3RA

    I have a rip of the game and most mods and maps compacted into a 700mb RAR if ANYONE wants to take a look at it. Most people that played from day one would love to see everything on it just remodeled to look better and maps converted over to a new engine.

    I myself have no skill in programming just a player trying to keep the saga alive. If you are interested in the game I will send you it. The single player is terrible but, the Multiplayer is great and needs NO CD KEY to play on servers.

    Most players left playing are kind of arrogant but skilled in playing. the game has a defect which is called the bunny hop which takes a bit to learn but basically you jump over and over to build speed and they learned the spawn points So if you go to play please don't be turned away by that stuff.

    Most would like it without that hop which isn't in newer engines and just totally the same guns and game play.

    Just like Half Life is doing with CS they made CS:Source and they are redoing the first HL to the newer engine also this is what I am talking about..

    That is what the community needs is some people to help on that. I know a few modders that modded some of KP's best mods and could most likely give their contacts to you if interested in doing a conversion.

    I can do websites for the mod unless anyone knows someone interested in doing it more then me I just know html.

    The anti cheat for kp is called monkey mod and people used its source on their mods to keep out it would not be needed. People are probably already worked around that mm source anyway.

    Most servers require it installed small file that you run instead of kingpin.exe its called mmclient.exe. Found here

    Anyway just let me know if you are interested and I will start the site right away and put your contact along with all other people that agree to help with the conversion.

    Thanks for your time,
    Tre Centers

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    I put up HOGIEs canadian server (Curse MOD) in late 2000 and still host it to this day (

    Although I don't play much anymore, I'd definitly be willing host a KP server using a new engine. Whatever happened to KP2?

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